AV Integrators – Masters of the Greatest Media of the 21st Century

04 Jul AV Integrators – Masters of the Greatest Media of the 21st Century

What is an AV Integrator and what can it offer you? Think about it. Where do you get most of your information?

What medium entertains you the most? How do you get work done or talk to friends?

Chances are you answered a computer, a TV, or a phone to most or all of these questions. What do these things all involve: screens.

That’s right, studies show, the average person spends more than 444 minutes per day staring at a screen of some kind; almost eight hours. So, if you have made peace with the fact that this is you, how do you harness the power of all of this screen time? In business, how do you maximize the effectiveness of screen time and technology as a marketing and information delivery tool.

An audio – video integrator may have the answers you are looking for. As integrators we see a broad marketplace of products designed to produce and deliver media to an audience and work with clients to design systems that meet specific personal, professional, and organizational goals.

Some integrators specialize in home theatre and home automation systems. They help to select the best televisions, stereo receivers and computer system to optimize any room in the house from the bathroom to the man cave. Others work with corporate clients to design conference rooms and meeting spaces with the modern business person in mind. Still others work on the large halls and spaces where people meet as mass audiences for multimedia presentation. These venues can include concert halls, churches and television studios where both production of the message and delivery are important.

The best establishments offer solutions to all of these problems – see Ore Technologies. If any company can work with this broad range of clients, this means they understand the full gamut of technologies and products that exist on the market today. These firms may have specialties but the ability to operate in all of these environments is important. Client diversity can lead to cross-industry applications which can often be cutting edge, innovative and cost efficient.

Do you have an idea to leverage media technology to deliver your message with more impact?

Contact us to discuss your vision or fill in your requirements here today. We can give you a wide range of options in a variety of price ranges to accomplish your goals.

Also, stay tuned to this blog where we will continue to bring you case studies, product spotlights, and in depth discussions about emerging industry trends and concepts.

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